Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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These 100% extra virgin olive oils are made from carefully selected and harvested olives pressed at their peak of ripeness. We offer olive oils from the northern or southern hemisphere, depending on which hemisphere has had the more recent pressing. These oils are sourced from artisans or small farm producers in California, Chile, Spain, Australia, Italy, and Greece.

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Flat rate on 1-4 bottles, $12*

*Continental US only

These oils come in 2 sized bottles:
• 375 ml (12.7 oz) @ $17.50
• 750 ml (25.4 oz) @ $32.00

  • Koroneiki MILD Olive Oil (California)

    This MILD Extra Virgin Olive Oil displays notes of green almond and apple peel, and ripe banana at the finish. Balanced with minimal bitterness and slightly more pepper, this delicate early harvest varietal has a slightly pungent finish. Crush date: November 2016.
    *Polyphenols: 166         *FFA: 0.10          *Oleic Acid: 76.4
    *As measured at the time of crush.


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  • Organic Arbosana MILD Olive Oil (California)

    This early harvest, Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is loaded with ripe fruit notes. Taste the creamy green olive and almond notes that make up this rich yet delicate, well balanced oil. This Arbosana has a wide appeal! Crush date: November 2016.
    *Polyphenols: 199         *FFA: 0.10          *Oleic Acid: 71.6    (*As measured at the time of crush)


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  • Organic Arbequina MEDIUM Olive Oil (California)

    This medium intensity Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is an early harvest variety that is creamy and delicate with notes of green almond, artichoke and citrus. Nice peppery finish, low bitterness. Extremely high smoke point due to FFA. Crush date: November 2016.

    *Polyphenols: 252 ppm, Oleic Acid: 68.8, FFA: 0.1    (*as measured at time of crush)


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  • Oro Bailen Picual MEDIUM Olive Oil (Spain)

    This stunning Extra Virgin Olive Oil has great complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas, and with savory, mid-herb flavors. It’s very fragrant with a “huge nose” and far reaching aroma. Well balanced.  Oro Bailen is one of the most decorated Olive Oil producers in the world. Crush date: October 2016.
    *Polyphenols: 288         *FFA: 0.10          *Oleic Acid: 78.5   (*As measured at the time of crush)


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  • Cobrancosa ROBUST Olive Oil (Portugal)

    Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere Extra Virgin Olive Oils, this Portuguese varietal is very complex.
    It is layered with creamy flavors and savory notes of nettle & green herb. Nice peppery finish with little bitterness. Crush date: November 2016.
    *Polyphenols: 399         *FFA: 0.20          *Oleic Acid: 72.8    (*As measured at the time of crush)


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