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Leah Frazee, RD, LDN, a nutrition therapist and counselor at Integrated Nutrition Therapy visited our Newtown store in September. Ms. Frazee specializes in weight management, behavioral eating patterns and eating disorders. Her clinical background includes diabetes management, heart disease and clinical nutrition.

Here is some of Frazee’s nutritional advice to maintain energy and optimize weight:

1) Eat three meals a day and a small snack.

2) Know the difference between emotional eating and physical hunger. Don’t get distracted by your surroundings and overeat.

3) Eat meals that you ENJOY! Increased meal satisfaction can decrease your need to snack before or after meals.

4) Increase your vegetables at each meal to keep you full. Vegetables will give you vitamins, minerals and fiber, without the simple sugars that fruits contain.

5) Combine a lean protein with whole grain breads, pasta and starches. Balancing proteins and complex carbohydrates at each meal helps you feel full and balances your glucose and insulin levels.

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